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Configuring your web site in FTP Voyager

This tutorial will teach you how to configure your web site in FTP Voyager. To begin, we will assume that you have the program FTP Voyager already installed and running on your computer, but not connected to another server. Open the FTP Voyager program on your desktop. You will see two windows - the one on the left is the local host, or your computer, and the one on the right is the remote server, or your web site, if that is where you are connecting to.

To configure your web site in FTP Voyager, you begin by clicking on the File button, located in the menu at the top of the program. This will open a drop-down menu, where you will click on the Site Profile Manager link. This will open the FTP Site Profile Manager window. Click on New Folder at the bottom of the window. You will see a new folder appear in the window, and a highlighted name in the Name bar on the right side. Enter a name for this new folder in the name box on the right. With the new folder highlighted, click New Site below the left hand window. Now enter a name for the new site in the name bar on the right hand side.

Now you need to configure the Properties of the new site you are setting up. On the right hand side, there are several blank boxes to fill in. The first one you need is FTP Site. Type the FTP address of your web site in this box. It will be, with being your actual domain. You may also use your IP address in this space for the address. NOTE: If your domain has not yet propagated, you will have to use the IP address instead of the domain name. Make sure you UN-check the Anonymous Login box. Now, in the next two boxes enter your FTP Username and Password. Check the save Password box. Then click on Connect.

You have now successfully configured your web site in FTP Voyager. You have set it up in the Site Profile Manager, and can now establish a connection. To close the connection, click on the Disconnect icon, located in the second menu bar at the top of the program. To Reconnect, click on Connect, the icon located in the second menu bar. This ends this tutorial. You now know how to configure your web site in FTP Voyager for the purpose of establishing an FTP connection. You know how to connect, and how to disconnect.

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