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Introduction to MySQL DELETE statement To delete data from a table, you use the MySQL DELETE statement. The following illustrates the syntax of the DELETE statement: DELETE FROM table_name WHERE...

How To Find Duplicate Values in MySQL

Data duplication happens because of many reasons. Finding duplicate values is one of the important tasks that you must deal with when working with the databases. Setting up a sample table First,...

MySQL Insert

Introduction to the MySQL INSERT statement The INSERT statement allows you to insert one or more rows into a table. The following illustrates the syntax of the INSERT statement: INSERT INTO...

How to Load the Sample Database into MySQL Server

Step 1 Download the classicmodels database from the MySQL sample database section. Step 2 Unzip the downloaded file into a temporary folder. You can use any folder you want. To make it simple,...

MySQL NULL: The Beginner’s Guide

Introduction to MySQL NULL values In MySQL, a NULL value means unknown. A NULL value is different from zero (0) or an empty string ''. A NULL value is not equal to anything, even itself. If you...